So I was feeling a little adventurous the other day„,who am I kidding..I’ve been wanting to attend Wendy Williams show since last summer, however; I was unable to since the taping is only on Tuesdays & Thursdays (work got in the way). Well, last week I had a free tuesday so I hopped on the bus & was off to the Big Apple. I was in the audience at the Wendy show which aired on Sept 20th (You saw me up front doing the whole “ooh ooh” ? lol). All in all I had an awesome experience, I dont wanna give out too much detail on how everything went down from the minute we set foot in the studio, in case any of y’all wanna attend. But I loved every minute of it. We also taped for the coming episode (you might catch a glimpse of me again on Oct 2nd I believe or Kendra Wilkinson’s episode). The Wendy staff also treated the audience to some pizza & at the end of the day, we walked out with Kendra’s book, a CD, & a perfume..Did y’all know Sammie from Jersey Shore came out with a fragrance called ‘Dangerous’? anywho, nice scent.

Nigel Barker at Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Expo, where he was cohosting with Fashion Designer Korto Momolu (Project Runway).

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So much to blog about, so little time.

With that been said…Look out for a post or two sometime this week now that my calender is slowly but surely clearing up.

-Stay Productive

What I want need at the moment.
What I want need at the moment.
you play thru my mind like a symphony

Rocking that 60s inspired hair today. Actual pic comin soon.

Until then, imagine

Ok not exactly but you get the idea ;)


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